All is started in 1986 ... When I was 11 years old, after watching for the first time the movie "Troppo Forte", I suffered a "lightning strike": the object of this infatuation was none other than the Yamaha FZ 750, the bike who played the role of the to "shoulder" to Oscar Pettinari, the movie's protagonist played by the great actor Carlo Verdone. Having not yet old enough to drive a motorcycle, I began to hope that, sooner or later, my father (long-time biker) acquired this 2 wheels Japanese jewel. Unfortunately, this never happened, mostly because he has always preferred the Italian motorcycles, especially those produced in Mandello del Lario, the legendary Moto Guzzi.
   However, growing up, my passion for the FZ never changed, indeed, grew more and more ... While all my contemporaries went crazy for the latest models (Exup, R1, CBR, Ninja, etc..), thanks to the advent of Internet, I continued to search information on this bike, dreaming of being able to have one, before or onwards. Meanwhile, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, my father began to develop a love for vintage motorcycles: after restoring his old '63 Gilera 98 Giubileo, he bought a '54 Moto Guzzi 250 Airone: that it was the beginning of the end... The passion for vintage bikes also struck me and I began to follow with attention and devotion the 2 wheels owned by my father.
   After I graduated and have started my career in computing, began to tell my father I wanted to buy an old FZ to be restored in my spare time... Of course, every time I approached the argument, my father tells me: "Are you crazy?" and every time, hearing that words, let me discouraged and lose everything.
   However, on 22 December 2008, during a break from work, I started to search on Internet some FZ for sale: finally, I found an announcement (that you can see on the side) of an 1986 FZ white/red for sale in Turin. From the photos seemed pretty well made, even if it was necessary to work on it a lot to bring it back to the glories of the past: without a second thought, I found myself dialing the owner and in few minutes, I had already established an appointment to see the bike. Of course, I said nothing to my parents, otherwise they would have tried to dissuade me, yet again, while I was convinced to bring back to home that FZ.
   So, after Christmas, the 4th of January 2009, I went to Turin to see the FZ: live pictures showed some defects that were masked in the images published on Internet, but after having analyzed it carefully, I decided that it would be "my" FZ. I left a deposit to the owner and went home happy as ever! At that point, with all the things done, I was obliged to communicate the news at home: initially my parents took it not very well, indeed, but at the end they accepted my decision. Since the FZ was stalled for several years, I decided to take the bike the 18th of January 2009, using the van of my mechanic, Salvatore, and after a long journey of about five hours, finally I entered the FZ in my garage! I felt like a kid on Christmas day: the bike was dirty, marked by time in several places, but more I looked it, more it looked beautiful to my eyes...
   Finally, the FZ was no longer just a dream, but it was true!

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